Awaken the Dreamscape

Awaken the Dreamscape

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The Building Blocks for Understanding the Supernatural Power of Your Dreams by Jennifer Eivaz. 

Most Christians dismiss their dreams, yet they're the gateway to the supernatural realm, the place where God reveals his plans and purposes. Diving deep into the supernatural side of your dreams, pastor and bestselling author Jennifer Eivaz offers a thorough, practical guide to navigating the vital, God-given dreamscape. Laying out a biblical framework, she empowers you to

· reawaken your spirit to God's voice at night
· discern the source and meaning of your dreams
· discover the plans God reveals as you sleep
· access supernatural weapons for any battle you face
· overcome sleep disorders and night terrors
· protect your sleep with night watch prayer

God's supernatural provision and communication never cease. Here is everything you need to live victoriously all day--and all night--long.

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